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It’s another tremendous encounter which done in queen Elizabeth National Park, lion tracking experience has come for pride enthusiasts who are opting not to miss a watch on the lions on their safari in Uganda. The experience goes beyond the usual lion encountered on any of the adventure trip and in Uganda it’s a one way adventure encounter with guarantee of one spotting a pride.

Travel far from the tourist tracks of Queen Elizabeth National Park, and help a group of researchers monitor the behavior of a resident pride of lions! This fascinating activity takes you beyond the usual African game drive experience, as you learn how to identify individual lions, distinguish behavior displays, and conduct population viability studies.

Lion tracking experience only is applied in Queen Elizabeth National Park in the northern section of the park “Kasenyi section” where under the guidance of researchers trackers follow lions with lion calls tracing the signals of trackers which are tied on the neck of the lions. When on a lion predator tracking experience, trackers here can drive off truck to in order to find the predators whenever the signals would be directing.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of Uganda most enchanting savannah parks very popular of its biodiversity which is encompassed of marvelous wildlife encounters among which include the tree climbing lion of Ishasha Sector south of the park, chimpanzee tracking in Kambura gorge east of the park, games drive viewing of Kasenyi in the northern, wild boat cruise on the Kazinga channel at the center of the park, birding watching in Katwe western and Lion tracking experience.

This special wildlife adventure is categorized under experiential tourism which is currently running as none profit adventure activate. Experiential tourism activities in Uganda is now applying to Queen Elizabeth National Park the available activities currently include lion (predators) tracking, Mongoose tracking, bird counts and Hippo census. This unique adventure was set to wild enthusiasts who prefer getting so close to nature taking part in research, monitoring or even learn habituation of the special fauna. Lion tracking sparkles for both lions and leopards digs deep in researching adventure with a lead of experienced researchers who guide on searching the lions with a guide of a combination of locators and radio collars drawing close to the cats.

Queen Elizabeth National Park hosts the highest number of lions in Uganda, however, on a usual game drive adventure scores to sight a lion are limited. Also, the leopard village is another predator tracking section, the village is one of communities in Queen Elizabeth Park where “UCP” operates experiential tourism, here trackers can go for the in-depth understanding on how local co-exist with wildlife.

On an experiential lion tracking encounter a limited number of trackers as the adventure can continue to off truck drives join researchers from “UCP” using UWA safari vehicles. This adventure takes some good times and can last for about 3 hours, the experience is more of a study tour where one can be able to collect as much of the information, studying more on the troop’s behaviors and lifestyle.

For lion tracking experience and any experiential adventure, travelers have to book for the program at Uganda Wildlife Authority information center at Mweya at least 24 hours before. Predator experiential in Queen Elizabeth National Park cost USD100 for foreign trackers and 100,000Ugsh for locals and East African members.

Practical Information

  • Visitors will record information on a datasheet, all of which will be added to the Uganda Large Predator Program (ULPP) database under Makerere University.
  • All participants receive a certificate to take home, and as a memorable souvenir you may also be lucky enough to capture stunning close up photographs of these magnificent animals at ease in the researchers’ presence.
  • The lion tracking experience is purely a research program making the adventure none profitable program done in dedication of research, conservation aimed at monitoring of predators which are colossally subsiding in the country. The lion tracking program is to antedate study that the accumulating pressure on predator’s habitats can’t shake their existence. It’s led by Uganda Carnivore Program “UCP” that assign researchers responsibilities of tracking the prides which program extends to both leopards and lions.
  • One vehicle maximum (4X4 needed, no overlanders) per tracking group to ensure quality and better interaction. Currently, clients must provide their own vehicle.
  • Tours take place in the early morning or evening, when the lions are most active.
  • Duration: 1-3 hours
  • View the UWA activity fees pullout sheet for more information.
  • Price excludes visitor entrance and night game drive fee.