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Explore cultural villages in and outside Queen Elizabeth National Park. Its should be noted that cultural trips are among the major activities targeted by the visitors in western Uganda and QENP. Below are some of the major location:

  • Leopard Village

Explore Leopard Village to see the traditional huts of Banyabindi, Bakonzo, and Basongora ethnic groups, watch traditional song and dance performances, and purchase handicrafts made by local communities.  If time permits, talk to the local residents and discuss about the challenges they face as they stay near the parks. Also love to know the benefits obtain from staying near Queen Elizabeth National Park- the second largest in Uganda.

Leopard Village is Located near the village of Muhokya, Leopard Village sits on 3 acres bordering the northern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

All fees from tourists visiting Leopard village and donations go directly to community development, conservation and education projects, and to the individual artists. Therefore, supporting Leopard village you will be assisting in the conservation of the area’s wildlife and supporting sustainable development in the local communities.

  • Kikorongo Women Community

Too Much Sunshine in the local language of Lukonzo – but the heat of the African plains has not diminished the energy of the Kikorongo Equator Cultural Performers! This vibrant performance, which takes place at lodges around the park, is a wonderful glimpse of life in Kikorongo, with dance, drama, music and fire-making. While a local interpreter explains the significance of the performances, you can sit back and watch village life unfold in front of you.

Workshops teach guests how to weave baskets and bowls using natural fibers – it´s not as easy as the teachers make it look! They also demonstrate how to recycle magazines into colorful paper beads, which can be made into unique necklaces. If your own craft skills are not up to scratch, beautiful items made by the women´s group, such as baskets, bowls, purses and woven belts, are available to purchase.

  • Katwe Tourism Information Centre (KATIC)

Katwe is a Salt Lake and ensures the survival of Katwe Villagesr since the 16th Century.  Katwe Villagers have and still harvest salt from this Katwe salt.  Katwe Salt Lake Tour gives a unique insight into the fascinating yet tough process of salt mining, as well as providing an alternative income for Katwe. See villagers at work on the lake, cross the mud walkways and enter a traditional grass hut. You will also pass the nearby bird sanctuary lake, home to thousands of birds, including flamingoes from October to May. A bird watching boardwalk will be ready in 2012. During Katwe Village walk, visitors are welcome to a traditional homestead, cooking demonstrations, singing skills among others.

  • Nyanz’ibiri Cave Community

Visit Nyanzibiri cave community after game drive. Admire panoramic views of volcanic crater lakes to a soundtrack of crested cranes and eagles. Hire a canoe to the Transparent Lake to spot eight species of forest primates, or just stop and smell the local flowers – this is the place to come to truly get away from it all! Other attractions here include historic caves and cultural museum.

There is three, full furnished private bandas and a campsite where tourists can gather to enjoy evening traditional dance performances. All fees and donations obtain from tourists in this place are offered to conservation.