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Mweya is Queen Elizabeth National Park’s focal point. It contains the park Visitors Centre, a luxury lodge, hostel and campsite and the departure point for the Kazinga Channel launch trip – and is still jam-packed with birds and animals. As well as the lodge restaurant, there are also budget food options. Its elevated position presents visitors with gorgeous views of the Kazinga Channel and surrounding plains, as well as the Rwenzori Mountains.

Mweya Peninsula is situated within Queen Elizabeth National Park along the northeastern shores of Lake Edward just at the edge where Kazinga Channel joins Lake George and Lake Edward. Mweya Peninsula is set within Kasese district, Rwenzururu sub region in western Uganda about 5 to 6 hour drive from Kampala capital city. From Kasese, Mweya Peninsula is about 66 kilometers’ drive southwest and 400 kilometers southwest of Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

Mweya Peninsula covers parts of the Kazinga Channel track, Katunguru gate and then the Kabatoro gate plus distinct vegetation mainly dominated by Candlestick thorn. The thick plants within the Mweya Peninsula make it an ideal game viewing point in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Mweya Peninsula features as one of the most exceptional areas for visitors to kick start game viewing and takes visitors from Nyamunuka Crater Lake. This area boasts of its remarkable game trails offering a great opportunity for you to spot out variety of savanna wildlife including buffaloes, warthogs, waterbucks, hyenas, giant forests hogs, leopards, elephants, birds such as black bee-eaters, malachite kingfishers, Verreaux’s eagle owl a mention but a few.

Visitors on tour in Mweya Peninsula can also take 2 hours’ on a boat cruise along Kazinga Channel which is conducted in the morning and afternoon. Visitors first register at Queen Elizabeth National Park head offices in Mweya. The boat rides begin at the landing platform beneath Mweya Safari Lodge.

Did You Know?

The peninsula’s proximity to Kasenyi and the North Kazinga plains means it is an ideal place to experience wildlife-filled game drives in the morning or evening.

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth National Park you can take a boat cruise along the scenic Kazinga Channel, spotting an average of 60 bird species?

What to do in Mweya Peninsular

Game viewing is main activity to take part along Mweya Peninsular. This gets you the best sights at varied wildlife species including warthogs, elephants, water bucks and many others.


Bird watching is an exceptional experience for you to take part in Mweya Peninsular. The birds to spot out include malachite kingfishers, black bee-eaters and other.

Community walks

Community walks in Mweya Peninsular allow you to interact with local residents especially around the Mweya safari lodge.  You will have opportunity to learn about their lifestyles, traditions and unique cultures.

Mongoose tracking

Mongoose tracking is one amazing experience that takes you on foot through Mweya Peninsular. Hike through the trails to track mongoose, explore their behaviors, habits and others. You will also come across birds, baboons, warthogs a mention but a few.

Best time to visit Mweya Peninsular

Mweya Peninsular can be explored at any time of the year. But it is best visited during the dry season which starts from June to September and from December to February. However, you can also visit during wet or rainy season which occurs from March to May and from October to November.

Where to stay

There are many accommodation options in and around Mweya Peninsular for your overnight stay. They include Mweya safari lodge, Mweya Hostels, Jacana safari lodge, Park view safari lodge a mention but a few.

How to get to Mweya Peninsular

Mweya Peninsular is situated in Queen Elizabeth National Park about 20 kilometers in the western side along Mbarara route from Kasese town. Drive from Kampala via Masaka-Mbarara to Kasese and you can connect through Katunguru town.