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Kasenyi Plains are found in the northeast and form part of the popular Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwestern Uganda about 5 to 6 hours’ drive and approximately 48 kilometers away from Kasese town.  The Kasenyi Plains are set within Kasese district, Rwenzururu sub-area western Uganda just near Kazinga Channel where it confluences Lake George.

It is located within Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kasese district in western Uganda and is one of the most visited places during Uganda safaris. The Kasenyi Plains are found on the western shores of the adjoining outstanding Lake George, just a stone throw away from the area where the stunning Kazinga Channel confluences with Lake Edward.

This area is situated within the North-western side of Queen Elizabeth National Park and is sometimes known as Kasenyi sector and is interestingly the home to numerous wildlife species that you will encounter during Uganda safaris. The area around Kasenyi is apparently an open savannah, preferred by the Uganda Kobs that are even the dominant animals in the area.

It is largely a vast savanna and inhabits varied wildlife species including Uganda Kobs (serves best as breeding ground for Uganda Kobs), lions, elephants, leopards, hyenas, warthogs, buffaloes and birds such as grey crown cranes, yellow throated long crow, red throated spur fowls and many others. It is also popularly called the Mweya-Kasenyi a famous game drive track in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The vast savannah of Kasenyi is the perfect setting for a classic African safari experience. Huge herds of Uganda Kob attract prides of lions, warthogs graze bent down on their knees, guinea fowl scuttle through the grassland and huge dark elephants stride across the game drive tracks, providing the perfect photo opportunity for visitors.

Other tourist sites near Kasenyi Plains include the Kazinga Channel which is a short distance away from Kasenyi Plains. Kazinga Channel is an ideal area for boat cruise which gets visitors the best sights at hippos, antelopes,  basking crocodiles, water birds including papyrus gonoleks, malachite, African skimmers, pelicans, martial eagle, African spoonbills, Cormorants and others, Kasenyi fishing village which allows you explore the lifestyle of fishermen or have a taste of fresh fish snack and others. Lakes for instance Lake George, Lake Bunyampaka make up unique attractions around Kasenyi Plains. They also inhabits sitatunga antelopes, waterbucks and comprise of exceptional islands such as Akika, Irangara and Kankurango. The Kasenyi airstrip rewards visitors with exceptional sights at varied wildlife including warthogs, buffaloes, Kobs which makes it not only a favorable point to connect to Queen Elizabeth National Park but a unique attraction.

How to get to Kasenyi

Kasenyi Plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park are reachable about 5 to 6 hours’ drive from Kampala through either Masaka-Mbarara-Bushenyi route or from Kampala through Mubende-Fort Portal to Kasese. Or take a flight from Entebbe airport/Kajjansi airfield then land in at Mweya/Kasese/Ishasha airstrip.

What to do in Kasenyi Plains

Interestingly, most of Uganda safaris within Queen Elizabeth National Park are conducted in the Kasenyi Plains, reason being it offers shelter to numerous wildlife species. Have you ever wondered why the area has the highest concentration of wild animals? Open plains are loved and preferred by animals and also can be able to easily identify predators from afar and escape easily. Not only that, the predators can also be able to easily spot their prey and hunt them down easily.

Game drive

Kasenyi Plains are ideal for game viewing. Additionally, the region is the main breeding ground for these interesting antelopes of this National Park. No wonder, the Lions are also common within the Kasenyi Plains because they always prey on the Uganda Kobs hence these two wildlife species will be the commonest to be sighted during game drives in the area. Much as the lions are rare and difficult to sight during game drives, their numbers total to approximately 200 and are surprisingly easier to spot within the Kasenyi Plains.

A game drive along Kasenyi track take you through the trail to lush savanna for you to catch a glimpse at wildlife species such as antelopes, warthogs, elephants, giant forest hogs, birds a mention but a few.

Additionally, a guided game drive here is not always rushed hence tourists get the chance to spot a wide range of wildlife drama live on camera. If you are lucky, some lions will be seen chasing their prey, usually the Uganda Kobs and even killing them. What is more breathtaking than such a moment during Uganda safaris?


Kasenyi Plains are perfect site for bird watching. The area supports a wide range of grassland bird species such as the red-throated spurfowls, yellow-throated long crows as well as the grey-crowned cranes among others. A birding safari along the Kasenyi Plains offers you a chance to sight at bird species such as the grey crown cranes, red throated spur fowls and many others.

Nature walks

Nature walks in Kasenyi Plains gets you the best view of the breathtaking landscape filled with savanna grassland. Due to the general nature of this region (comprising of Open savannahs), it is perfect for tourists that desire to take beautiful and clear photographs.

When is the Best time to visit Kasenyi Plains

Kasenyi Plains can be visited at any time of the year. However, it is ideal to explore during dry season which occurs in the months of June, July, August, September and December, January, February. This is perfect for game viewing as the Kasenyi Plains are kept relatively drier and wet season (usually starts from March to May and from October to November) is ideal for birding. The dry season is also regarded as peak season and wet season is normally the low season in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Where to stay in Kasenyi

There are many accommodation options for visitors to spend a night in Kasenyi area of Queen Elizabeth National Park. They range from budget to luxury and they include Mweya Safari Lodge, Simba Safari Camp, Ihamba Safari Lodge, Jacana Lodge, Mweya Hostels a mention but a few.


In summary, Kasenyi is one most spectacular area within Queen Elizabeth National Park that is worth exploring while on Uganda safari. A visit to Kasenyi Plains gets you the best of game viewing experience.

Besides the Kasenyi Plains, other interesting places within Queen Elizabeth National Park with mind-blowing wildlife sightings include Ishasha sector that offers opportunities of sighting the extraordinary tree climbing lions, Kyambura gorge where you can be able to track man’s closest relatives (Chimpanzees), the Kazinga Channel to enjoy boat cruises as you spot several aquatic wildlife species such as Nile Crocodiles and Hippos as well as birds such as the African fish eagles, Kingfishers and Pelicans, Mweya Peninsula with the Banded mongooses, Lake Edward and George as well as Maramagambo Forest among others. Exploring all these places during Uganda safaris will make you agree that the country is blessed by Nature and is indeed the Pearl of Africa.