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Are you planning to travel to Queen Elizabeth National Park and looking for an interesting cultural experience to immerse yourself into? Look no further than the riveting Kasoga Community Experience.

Kasoga Community Experience within Queen Elizabeth National Park is an exceptional Community Initiative conducted on Lake George Ramsar Site. It is specifically found in Hamukungu Fishing Village found on the southwestern side of Kasenyi at the border of this National Park and offers tourists with authentic and extraordinary experience on how local communities live and work. By the time you leave this place, you will not believe how interesting and exciting some parts of the World are, and will have a different insight to life.

The main reason for starting this initiative was to enhance the knowledge and experiences of visitors but most importantly increase the length of stay and expenditure within the visited destination, which is Queen Elizabeth National Park. If you are planning to visit this Park during Uganda safaris, make sure to add the exhilarating Kasoga Community Experience on your itinerary and you will have one of the most unforgettable moments of a lifetime. Instead of waiting too long for the boat cruise in the afternoon, engage in any of the activities offered during this adventure (one hour canoeing experience, the 3-hour community birding or the 2 hour community walk).

Community birding

Firstly, Queen Elizabeth National Park is a home to over 600 bird species but community birding of the Kasoga Community Experience will introduce you to some of the 150 species of birds within the area. You will take a walk through the developed community birding trail that transverses the bushy areas of the Community land.

Community walks                      

Community walks involve tourists visiting Hamukungu Landing Site to get more information and knowledge on the local fishing practices, species of fish caught and ways of preservation, traditional canoe making demonstrations, luckily get the chance to meet women making handcrafts, explore some of the intricate net sawing skills as well as get the chance to sight some of the Park’s wildlife species especially the Hippos and relish the breathtaking views of the Historical swamps within the community. Additionally, community walks will lead you to the Vacation Palace of the King of Toro Kingdom and interestingly be able to sight more than 20 species of birds.

Cultural retreats

Cultural retreats of the Kasoga Community Experience involve visitors completely involving in the cultures and marine practices of the people for at least half a day. While in this activities, tourists will learn how to milk, graze the cattle, and learn some of the traditional ways of making yoghurt and ghee.  You will then get an insight to the marine practices such as making nets, methods of fish preservation and thus the entire Cultural retreat lasts for at least 12 hours.

Fishing trips

What can be amazing as taking a trip on Lake George to catch exceptional fish species, using local canoes and fishing nets? This activity targets the rich breeding zones, where you are sure of a catch for the day and enjoy it for a meal or snack.

The interesting canoeing experience

Canoeing Experience is probably the most interesting and must-do activity by all tourists looking to participate in the Kasoga Community Experience. Tourists are able to get information on the history of Rubona and Irangara Islands while enjoying the views of the herds of hippos as well as learning about the fish breeding zones near the community. While on the canoeing experience, tourists also get the opportunity to relish the breathtaking views of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges that is obviously clear during day. Other bird species such as the African fish eagles can be spotted at the edge of the Lake.

The Canoeing Regatta

You will be surprised that this adventurous activity was first conducted in 1952 during the Royal visit of the Queen to the magnificent Queen Elizabeth National Park. It basically involves tourists and locals engaging in competitions on fast canoes within the Northern shores of the Lake on Irangara Island from the Landing Site on the Southern Banks and back. You will then enjoy fried Tilapia or Lung Fish snack with organic passion fruit juice after the activity. Other activities within the Kasoga Community Experience include Bush Camping and hand craft making among others.