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Visitors must present valid identification documents to confirm resident status. Fees are quoted in US$ (United States Dollars) or UGX (Uganda Shillings)

Visitation Fees

(Charges per person per day)   Non-Residents
Uganda Residents
East African Citizens
(Ugandan Shillings)
Category A

Queen Elizabeth National Park


(5 – 18 yrs)


$ 25.00





Category B

Kyambura Gorge

Kalinzu Forest


(5 – 18yrs)

$ 50.00

$ 50.00





Special Passes to for Ugandan Residents and Citizens Only Individual
(5 – 18 yrs)


120,000 per annum
200,000 per annum
40,000 per annum
40,000 per annum
60,000 per annum
10,000 per annum

The following groups will receive free admission to protected areas:

  • All children under five years of age
  • Ugandan students on educational trips with valid Identity Cards and a letter from the school.
  • People living in the vicinity of the protected area who have permission from the Warden In-Charge

Vehicle Entry Fees

(For Savanna National Parks and all Wildlife Reserves).

  Foreign Registered Uganda registered
Motor-cycles US$ 20 USh 30,000
Minibuses, cars and pick-ups US$ 30 USh 30,000
Tour Company Vehicles ( Cars and Minibuses) US$ 100 USh. 30,000
Buses and Lorries US$ 150 USh 200,000


Aircraft Landing Fees (per landing)

  foreign registered Uganda Registered
  Private Commercial Private Commercial
up to 4 seats US $25 US $65 USh 10,000 USh 20,000
5-12 seats US$ 65 US$ 100 USh. 20,000 USh. 40,000
over 12 seats US$ 100 $150 USh. 40,000 USh. 60,000


Commercial Filming

Fees include a per person visitation fee, camping fee and filming fee.

All Protected Areas US$ 100 per day
Bwindi and Mgahinga US$ 150 per day

NB:One must obtain a filming permit from UWA Headquarters before proceeding to film in the protected areas.

Please note:
The entrance fees do not include package activities like bird watching, game drives or chimpanzee tracking.
• A day’s entrance ticket is valid for twenty four hours from time of entrance