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Activities for Kids:
Spot the difference between adult animals and baby animals.

Ask older kids or aspiring cartographers if they can figure out where the vehicle is and keep track throughout the safari (Queen Elizabeth National Park Maps are on sale at the Visitors Information Centre in Mweya and in Kampala).

Read aloud to them or have the older ones read the section about the Explosion Craters from the Queen Elizabeth National Park Guide Book.

Can the kids see how the crater lakes are different from other lakes they have seen?

Mimic an earthquake from one of the viewpoints, telling the kids about how the earth here moved and opened up, exploding new craters, some with water, some without.

Sing the Lion King theme tune to get the kids in the right mood

Can the kids count how many hippos they see in each pod during the boat tour?

Guidelines for Families:

Little ones under five are can take part in the boat ride if accompanied by an adult and the child sits in the adult’s lap. If you would like the child to have their own seat, this must be paid for separately.

Boats are very safe with experienced coxswains and guides to cater to children and all interests. Please follow their safety guidelines.

As long as the kids are accompanied they can stand on the top deck of the two-storey boat – from here you really can see everything!

During game drives, make sure everyone stays in the vehicle. Sometimes the wildlife can come very close to car, so keep limbs inside the vehicle and roll up windows if animals approach.