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Queen Elizabeth National Park Ranks Top in East Africa

Queen Elizabeth National Park Ranks Top in East Africa


There will never be a better time to visit and experience the Pearl of Africa because a lot waits to be explored year round culture adventure and sightseeing. Why not start with   Uganda’s best park Queen Elizabeth national park according as listed by lonely planet as the region’s valued destinations and a look out spot for 2016. The publication reads: “… Africa is a massive continent so you’ll be doing yourself and tourism in East Africa a favour if you take advantage of the cracking deals on offer to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and the rest of the region.” The park is exceptional with special attractions which are not commonly found in the world especially the tree climbing lions at Ishasha sector found in the southern part of the park and a favourite stop for hundreds of tourists from and to Bwindi forest for either birding and gorilla tracking adventures.

Every park angle of is unique and each moment personalized as you view wildlife and its surrounding as you allow your expert guide to narrate details about nature and its wonders of the wild. All come as surprises making you think of more Africa safari vacations to other places and countries in the region Kenya, and Tanzania. Most of the animals can be found grazing and relaxing the Bufalloes, Topis, Kobs, lions, elephants in groups across the different game drive park sectors. Every day brings new scenes and each tourist can have a different story to tell and experience which in most cases blend with their   trip wishes. Doing a Uganda safari isn’t like being in the zoo where you find where you find same animal species in the same location year after year but here you get a chance to even search for the animals in   wild the process which offers open opportunities of spotting even the un expected.

However the region attracts thousands for Gorilla tracking, wildlife viewing, Rafting, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, bird watching, beach holidays etc as word’s great desired tourist adventures. For the first time visitors its good to use experts to guide you throughout your stay as the best way to enjoy great region adventures to your fullest. Be sure to have the most awesome memories after your trip though dedicated or free style holiday. It’s easy to go on holiday but what matters is the entire experience. enjoy every moment of your journey as you understanding the mixture of culture, nature and the wild which makes an African safari special.

There’s also a thrilling intimacy to exploring the other Queen Elizabeth park activities- Launch cruise or boat trip on the impressive Kazinga channel is one of the tourists favourite at Queen Elizabeth with a wide range of birds and wildlife   to watch and view,the katwe salt works Uganda a place to witness how salt has always been mined for ages, Kyambura gorge a chimpanzee tracking ground & other baboons, and the culture adventures not too far away from the park at Igongo museum. Remember there is another new tourism adventure which is yet to start at Queen Elizabeth operated by Mweya safari Lodge giving tourists amazing Balloon safari ride with   its take off point in a 10 kilometer distance from the lodge just near the salt lake. The maximum capacity   of passengers is 16 people and later it will be increased to 24 as the demand increases.The ride together with bush breakfast will make you part with only $380per person.