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The Savanna Resort Hotel

Savannah Resort Hotel

Savannah Resort Hotel

The Savanna Resort Hotel

The Savanna Resort Hotel is conveniently located only 11 kms from the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The moderate priced lodge is located close to the tree climbing remote Ishasha wilderness plains and the Buhoma Sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The hotel provides natural intact accommodation to travelers looking to see two majestic animals; the mountain gorillas and the tree climbing lions. The lodge has one of the most amazing ambiance and can accommodate a good number of visitors.

The Savannah Resort Hotel provides moderate lodging that is ideal to guests who are traveling on relaxed budget. It’s located on the southern side of Queen Elizabeth National Park, a great opening to the savannah plains and woodlands of the park. In this environment, the residents of Ishasha, the chiefs of Jungle are often seen in the branches of the fig trees. If you would like to visit the Ishasha sector to experience and encounter these amazing tree climbing lions, the Savanna Resort Hotel is the perfect base for your exploration.

Staying at this amazing Savannah Resort there are chances of watching the fantastic tree climbing lions in ths Ishasha Sector that is located within just 20 minutes drive from the hotel. The hotel is also situated close to Kihihi Airstrip, which is actually the main port of entry for Bwindi Forest, 3 km away from the Congolese border.

The hotel has free Wi-Fi for use in the restaurant areas. Although it sometimes goes slow, you’ll like it since it one amenity that allows you touch base with those back home while you are in the African wilderness. The hotel has a very nice, well maintained pool.

They have an 18-hole Golf Course which is bound to challenge even the most seasoned golfer and thrill the most jaded world traveler with beautiful scapes, scores of unique tropical birds in every conceivable color of plumage, tranquil ponds and reservoirs, beautiful wooden bridges and a serious run on the greens and fairways; not to mention a few errant balls lost to the roughs and water.


The hotel has 32 grass thatched bandas, 10 standard rooms and 2 deluxe suites. The single, double, twin and triple bandas are all equipped with comfortable en-suite facilities. The standard rooms have a private balcony as well. All units are self-contained. – Nice spotless clean, spacious and very ambient. Rondavel style Bandas with in room water heating system. The Single Rooms are equipped with comfortable en-suite facilities. This room is designed to create a most exquisite experience promising memories to last a lifetime.


There is a full day functioning restaurant with meal effective chiefs. This means that food can be obtained all day long.  Dinner menu is usually huge and varies. It offers full board for guests.

Facilities and services

  • Fast free Internet
  • Free parking
  • Airstrip transfer services
  • Gold facility
  • Offer safari adventures like nature walks, bird watching
  • Car rental services for self-drive
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