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Tour Bwindi Forest & Queen Elizabeth National Park

Tour Bwindi Forest & Queen Elizabeth National Park


Have you ever thought of a safari that combines both gorilla trekking and game viewing in Uganda? Well if you ever never, you should consider taking a safari that combines both gorilla trekking and a game viewing safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park. From this trip, you will have a lot of memories to share, great photos to show out, and great things to memorize.

Did you know that Uganda safaris are the most fun adventures that we have ever been to as we were left with memories that we will forever treasure. I didn’t want to leave though I new that the safari was almost over and I eventually had to go back home. I was comfortable and having the time of my life. The places we stayed in were wonderful and eco friendly, who could have imagined me staying in the middle of the wilderness for days and enjoying it, the food we ate and all of the fun we had was just incredible to take in all at once.

I will never forget the wildlife, chimps though the gorillas were my absolute favorite as a glimpse of these giant creatures took my breath away. It is something to see mamma and babies in their natural setting going about their business like no one is watching them. I will never be able to the silverback pounding its chest, at first it felt like the ground was shaking and then it sounded like the drums we had heard the previous day when we went for a cultural showcase the previous night and those adorable baby gorilla eyes.

There is just something about the big eyes on baby mammals that brings out that nurturing emotion and it makes you think about babies. We decided to go on the extended safari vacation that also included; a tripe to Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. We also went for chimpanzee trek were we first heard movements in the trees and that’s was when we sow the chimps swinging from branch to branch and tree to tree, this was something I will never forget and the photos we took of them a living proof of what we experienced. So much had happened on that vacation and so much will stay fresh in my mind forever.